TV Magazine - Adrian & Adriana Show

 - A children's program featuring Adrian and Adriana with new events and segments; DIY Craft, Songs, Fashion...

Telemovie - Mama Rosa Famili Krismas (BM)

 - A story about  Sabahan family, a runaway son who returns home for Christmas after 10 years ...

Telemovie - Tarian Singa Diwali (BM)

 - A boy torn between his passion for "Lion Dance"  and his talented traditional Indian family...

TV Magazine - Mari Bina Rumah (BM)

 - A couple will host the "Show and Tell" magazine show how to build a low cost brick house...

Travelogue  - Living in Borneo (Eng) 

 -  Exploring Sabah and Sarawak, living with the local ethnics...

Telemovie - Karuppu (Tamil)

 - A blind's mans tale, journey to the city finding love...



The Legend of King Nal - Animated Motion Picture and Feature Film

Co-production JV project under MOU between PurpleAnt (M) Sdn Bhd and Osmo Production Oy

Directors : Arturas Pozdniakovas (Finland) and NS Krishna (Malaysia)

Language : English

Synopsis :

Betrayed by his jealous brother, King Nal loses everything he has; including the thing he loves most – his new bride princess Damajanti.  Nal’s ill fortunes set him on a long quest of self-discovery where he battles assassins, perform feats of valour and struggles against all odds to find that selfless love and true forgiveness have the power to redeem even the most lost of souls.

Set amid the awesome beauty of ancient magic mystical world, the epic comes to life with this time honoured tale of Gods and kingdoms, myths and legends, humour and action, love and deception.


Tiger Muru - The Rise of School Gangster to National Boxer (True Story)


Directed by NS Krishna

Main Language : English & Bahasa Malaysia


Inspiring true story of TIGER MURU, who joined the Malaysian army in commando unit to escape from police as his father, Tiger Bala was a famous gangster. His teenage life and adulthood has always been though. It pushed him and even his siblings to be determined to change their life with the aim of bringing a new meaning for the ‘TIGER’ family.

This is an adaptation of real life story of how a school ‘gangster’ who eventually became the national boxer representing Malaysia to many world championships.

Tiger Muru is also well known as Malaysian Rocky.


Launch of EAS Project officiated by Dato' Sri Ahmad Shabbery Cheek, Minister of Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Ministry at Cannes, France.


Projects affiliated with SG Entertainment

  • Produced and directed Malay feature Film titled ‘WARNA CINTA IMPIAN’2015 & 2016 theater release.

  • Co-produced an Italian Feature Film titled ‘LA BADANTI’ (International Co-Production with AHORA Film, Italy, released in April 2016)

  • Produced and directed TV Fitness Magzine ‘GYMS IN SCHOOLS’ for RTM - 2014

  • Distributed Thailand animation series for RTM (FLYING WITH BYRD & SHELLDON) - 2013 & 2014

  • Produced & Directed TV Magazine ‘VETRI KODI KATTU (MALAYSIAN INDIAN ACHIEVERS) in 2012

  • Produced & Directed Travelogue ‘VANNA MAYILGAL (KEMBARA DIAPORA INDIA) – 2011

  • Produced & Directed Special Tribute Documentary ‘DR. MAHATHIR: JASAMU DIKENANG, PERJUANGANMU DITERUSKAN’ – 2008

  • Produced and Directed Tamil Feature film, ‘MANJARI’, released in cinemas in 2007

  • Produced Tamil Corporate Drama series, ‘SATRIA’ for RTM in 2015  

  • Produced & Directed Tamil Christmas Musical ‘JEEVA SAMARPANAM’ for RTM - 2014

  • Produced & Directed Tamil Telemovie ‘VELICHAM’ for Astro Vaanavil in 2011

  • Produced & Directed Tamil Telemovie ‘URAVADAUM NENJUM, KALAVADI POANAL for  Astro Vaanavil in 2011

  • Produced & Directed Malay TV Documentary ‘MENJELANG KRISMAS’ for RTM - 2011

  • Produced & Directed Tamil Christmas Musical ‘NANDRI THAGAPHANEY’ for NTV7 – 2011

  • Produced & Directed Tamil Deepavali Musical ‘MANASELLAM DEEPAVAALI’ for Astro Vaanavil - 2004

  • Produced & Directed Tamil New Year Musical ‘CHITTHIRAI PUTANDE VAA’ for Astro Vaanavil - 2003


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